No Zzzzz Zone

TKO. No more boring workouts

Core Beliefs

Get near the floor to build the core

Fit for Life

We’ll get you fit for whatever you do

Surf’s Up

Get fit for your surf fix

Stretch and Reach

Open up to the possibilities

This is TKO

A different workout everyday

Start your 6 pack

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TKO: Before you know it you’re fit.

A revolution in sports conditioning and circuit training classes. This fresh blast of fitness is a constantly evolving mix of exercises targeting every aspect of fitness. If you have limited time to workout and huge expectations of success you must try one of these classes.

One on One: Fitness that’s more than fun.

You have come across a trainer who will do the homework, provide a roadmap and hold you accountable for your own success. If you have preconceived notions of a trainer who is regimented, rule driven and dances to a traditional drummer you are on the wrong page.

Surf It Fit Trip: Why wouldn’t you?

Is a weeklong ton-of-fun guide to fitness and surfing that hits the highlights of learning to surf fast tracking your fitness and staying eternally young in seven super unforgettable days.