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A revolution in sports conditioning and circuit training classes. This fresh blast of fitness is a constantly evolving mix of exercises targeting every aspect of fitness. If you have limited time to workout and huge expectations of success you must try one of these classes.


TKO: This is not your sister’s circuit class.

That is unless of course your sister is one tough woman. TKO classes are a revolution in sports conditioning circuits, they are Pete Estabrooks incredible boxing based classes that shake you out of your shorts and wake you up to group workouts by combining the style and stance of a boxer with the explosive movement of an athlete. This rock solid fusion of music, medicine ball drills, plyometric movements and punches galore creates a riveting workout for anyone who wants to put their fitness money where their mouths are. TKO delivers the drills that perfect the skills you take onto your real life fitness.


TKO Express: Fit before you know it.

TKO Express provides the same benefits offered by TKO Sports Conditioning with more calories burnt per unit of time, more burn for your buck. Still on a boxing based workout but leaning towards body sculpting, cardio vascular circuit conditioning. Make lunch time your punch time @ TKO Express.