training tailored to your needs

You have come across a trainer who will do the homework, provide a roadmap and hold you accountable for your own success. If you have preconceived notions of a trainer who is regimented, rule driven and dances to a traditional drummer you are on the wrong page..


One on One: Fitness that’s more fun.

Once your goals are out there and your fitness assessed the personal trainers task is to design fastest most efficient and almost fun route to move you through your chosen fitness path from A to Z. With a University Degree in Physical Education, 26 years of in the gym training experience, on the road marathon and ultra-marathon success and in the ring action Pete has a wealth of fitness experience to draw from and create a program specific to your goals. If you are self-directed and intrinsically motivated a take away program from the fitness guy for 4 to 6 week periods may be all you need to draw yourself one step closer to meeting your personal physical goals.


Group: Your workout, shared with friends.

Group training sessions are designed to provide fluid workouts with a personalized training approach for small groups. Pete leverages all of his education and experience to ensure each member of the group gets their needs met and the approach necessary to reach their individual fitness goals. Group Training is the solution for time-crunched companies, money crunched individuals and boredom crunched friends. Group sessions accommodate 2-4 participants and small company sessions accommodate 3-6 participants.