The idea behind the blog is how I'm rock solid fit at 60, 472 days from now. There are days I'll wax eloquent and there are others I'll just sum up what kind of movement I did that day (today) to keep the ball rolling.

30 minutes Jacobs Ladder (2352 feet) + 100 jump rope (Just like the video)

3 sets of 10+10+10+10+10 Reps (yes, that is 50 continuous reps)

Dumbbell Bench Press 20lb-30lb-40lb-30lb-20lb

20 Sit-up+Turn 25lb

Dumbbell Biceps Curl 15lb-20lb-25lb-20lb-15lb

20 Cable Chops 90lb

Chin-up Grip Pulldown 130lb-160lb-190lb-160lb-130lb

20 Fit-Ball Tuck

Cable Triceps Extension 70lb-90lb-110lb-90lb-70lb

20 Fit-Ball Crunch

100 Jump Rope


Oh ya and I taught a 90 minute TKO Sports Conditioning (Circuit) class. That is just straight up holding handmaids while people try to punch your arms off. I still have arms, Happy New Year