58 now I plan on running a 100 mile race at 60. On the bad side I am a procrastinator at heart so technically I'm actually 58 3 months 4 days. On the bright side I'm in OK shape now and only plan on getting better.

This blog will about my "journey", my fit tripping, I'll keep you up to speed with what I have to do to get where I need to be and make suggestions for you to meet your fitness goals. 

Running is my "go to" for its ability to calm my mind, the fact it improves my physicality is a fringe benefit, I'll always run you don't have to. What you do have to do is move on a regular basis and by regular I mean as many days a week as you wake up. Exercise should not be designed to break you but rather to push you to places you won't get to sitting on your ass. Oh ya and I'm going to swear. I am fickle foul mouthed footloose and will say what I say with no intent other to educate or entertain you. 

I'm running trails for 5 hours tomorrow at a speed just fast enough to finish - I just wrapped up teaching 2 TKO Sports Conditioning classes this morning and did my own core workout that included this exercise - try it.