It is the last day of 2017, I don't usually find one day more special than the another but this day, the last of the year end always kind of grabs me.

I've spent the last 2.5 years on cruise control, I exited 5+ years of being a single dad 3.5 days a week and surfing on regularly scheduled breaks to being consumed by and committed to a relationship that completes me.

I still have my youngest son, 11 years old 3.5 days a week I have awesome 10 and 7 year old  girls as well. Wicked life, hokey as that may seem but totally true. At any rate the awesomeness of that relationship has left me capable of rocking my little gym, training people daily, running ultra-marathons, lifting weights with buddies and being generally super comfortable, maybe too comfortable. 

But. Today, it's sooooo close to a new year I ran 2.5 hours outside at -28 degrees. Why? Because I could. Here is how I rationalized it, how I frame it. When you look at something most people call "crazy". First ask yourself "can I do this without injury?" If the answer is yes step two is ignored the 1000 reasons you can think of to not do it and get your ass out the door. I am stepping up my game I have injury free days 473 days until I am 60 years old. I will keep track, and you up to speed with what it takes to up your game later in life. Stay tuned, throw comments and questions my way but mostly,

get your ass out the door.

Happy 2018, hey ho. Let's go.